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Dr. Keefa Lorraine Weatherspoon, Founder
SanKofa Living Institute for Enlightenment

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The Program and the Process

Toward Self-Realization, Healing, Personal Transformation, Enlightenment & Wealth 

Our Trilogy of LIFE Rites of Passage Program is recommended for Youth ages 13 and up and their Families. During the age of puberty, a young person’s entire life begins to change; dramatically. The passage into wo/manhood can be confusing and unfulfilled. Many challenges; spiritual, mental, emotional and physical may go unaddressed and balloon into insurmountable obstacles as we grow older.  

Equipping our young people and ourselves with the tools and concrete experiences needed to navigate our way into becoming successful and a competent contributor to humanity’s evolution is priceless.

Our Trilogy of LIFE Rites of Passage Program explores the elements, dimensions and relationships of our inner and outer world and provides comprehensive tools, techniques and processes towards grasping the significance of each, their influence and functionality.

These insights are explored in our 3 Tier LIFE Passages program – Trilogy of LIFE:


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Parents, guardians and families are encouraged to participate and complete ALL three levels with their youth. Our home-life has the greatest influence in our personal development where most of our beliefs and concepts of self are nurtured, molded and cemented. Sometimes a generational cycle of self-degradation needs to be interrupted and set on a more enlightened course.

Using the gifts of character; the Virtues, we can interrupt damaging and destructive DNA patterns of Dis-ease, Dis-harmony, Dis-appointment, Dis-function, Dependency and Lack.

Through a series of processes that are innovative, fun and effective – each participant will uncover and discover a greater potential toward self-betterment, responsibility and contribution. We eventually earn the right to pass to higher levels of understanding and expression. We can finally manage our emotions and our economics, our lust and our limitations; our trust and our triumphs. We ultimately master our self.


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